Why Natrakelp is superior

Natrakelp is made from Kelp, one of the worlds richest sources of micronutrients. Our unique fermentation process of liquefying the kelp retains all of the natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements and micro nutrients as well as the natural alginate that stimulates uptake.

When purchasing kelp products beware of inferior imitations. Below are the reasons Natrakelp is a superior product. For tests you can do to see how other seaweed products measures up to Natrakelp click on the "True Kelp Tests" tab.

Water Holding

Alginate has scientifically been proven to be absorbed by clay. (Zavorkh ina & Ben' Kouskii 1958). This is the reason we
have the water holding capacity in Natrakelp 's Plant & Soil Conditioner (See True Kelp Test 4)


Mannitol is the accepted active in kelp that gives liquefied products their ability to chelate other elements. (Research series #23 from Clemson Uni). Mannitol is one of the polysaccharides in kelp. (See True Kelp Test 3)

Frost Resistance

Frost resistance in plants is attributed to growth regulators. As you can see in True Kelp Test 3 we have the highest levels of actives of all the products tested.


Natrakelp has a pH of 5.5 to 6, unlike most other liquid kelp products that have a pH of 10 plus. It is obvious that if a leaf surface and plant sap is in the range of 4.5 to 6, Natrakelp products are going to be more acceptable to the plant.


Some liquid kelps have resorted to using molasses to make up for their lack of polysaccharides (See True Kelp Test 2)

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